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Grief Ministry

Walking With Hope

A Grief Ministry


7da0541d03a61da524c4161ee2961046 1How do you understand grief when your heart is broken by the death of a loved one?  How do you cope with a holiday season or family gathering that will never be the same?  How do you manage feelings of isolation and loneliness?


Although we are each unique in our loss, we share a common experience.  Grief will affect each of us during our lifetime, but we do not have to experience this time alone.  If you are grieving the death of a loved one, we invite you to join with others in finding support and a way forward.


Grief Support Groups

A grief support group offers specific coping strategies to guide you way forward.  Scripture wisdom is used to explore the issues of grief and offer encouragement for a life of renewed hope and joy.  Contact the church office for the schedule.



A Service of Remembrance

A special time of remembering loved ones is held periodically through the year.  This time of worship is focused on remembrance and encouragement.  Please contact the church office for a schedule of services.


More Information

If you would like more information about our Grief Ministry please visit with Sandra Boedeker or Sharon Paris.




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